As an organization committed to advancing economic security and leadership opportunities for women and girls, we see progress in every measure of change – even changing our name.

In 2018, Dallas Women’s Foundation became Texas Women’s Foundation. This transformation honors our history and growth over 33 years as the trusted leader in advocating for and advancing social and economic change for women and girls in Texas. Becoming statewide better reflects our position as one of the largest women’s foundations in the world – in assets, impact, diversity and size – and our leadership in promoting equity and supporting solutions empowering women and families to make a better world.

Texas Women’s Foundation Today

We are a leading driver of meaningful social and economic change for women, girls and families in Texas. We leverage research, advocacy, innovative programs and solutions, and grantmaking to further our mission. We work to achieve our vision of an equitable society where women and girls are full participants. We celebrate every milestone that has helped us reach this point:

  • We have awarded $42.2 million in grants over 33 years.
  • Since 2013, we have awarded over $20 million in grants, and over $7 million in strategic grants supporting women’s economic security and leadership.
  • Since 2013, we have impacted 90,000 women and families who have benefited from our leadership and economic security initiatives.
  • In FY 2018, we approved over $6 million in grants.
  • We are one of the largest women’s funds in the world with assets over $35 million.

As a community-supported foundation, under the collective guidance and expertise of Foundation Staff and a Board of Directors who represent the diverse interests of the communities we serve, we are sharply focused on achieving our Mission, Vision and Values.

Our Founders

We thank our founders – 19 remarkable women, a deeply inclusive group that represented a broad diversity of ethnicity, race, culture, political affiliation and financial capacity – who came together in 1985 to ensure that more resources were aimed at addressing the unique issues facing women and their families. Through their efforts, Dallas Women’s Foundation was established to unleash the power that strong women have in making a better world.  Today, we continue to honor and reflect our history of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Susan Shamburger Bagwell
Gerry Beer*
Vivian Anderson Castleberry*
The Honorable Harryette Ehrhardt
Catalina E. Garcia, M.D.

Frances Griffin-Brown
Helen LaKelly Hunt
The Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchison
Madeline Mandell
Joy S. Mankoff

Maura McNiel
Patricia Meadows
Carmen Michael, Ph.D.*
Gwendolyn Oliver
CoYoTe PhoeNix

Louise B. Raggio*
Rebecca R. Sykes
Oeita Theunissen*
Virginia Bulkley Whitehill*



The Heart Of Our Work

Texas Women’s Foundation (formerly Dallas Women’s Foundation) is a catalyst for positive change across the state, with a focused mission and vision to empower strong women to build a better world.


Texas Women’s Foundation is a community-supported organization that invests in the power of women and girls to drive positive change. Through research, advocacy, programs and grantmaking, we advance economic and leadership opportunities for women, girls and families to build stronger, more equitable communities for all.


We envision an equitable society where women and girls are full participants.

Values & Core Competencies


We are data-driven and committed to evidence-based decision making. We strive to be a trusted knowledge resource for communities, donors and grantees. We uphold the highest standards of transparency and accountability. We are leaders with a 33-year track record of helping women.


We have a clear vision of the future we are striving to achieve. 
We take responsible risks and are confident in our decisions. We rigorously vet our grantees, programs and investments.
 We act on the conviction that objective research and advocacy are our most important contributions. 
We proudly partner with our grantees in their success.


We value equality, treating everyone with respect and dignity. 
We embrace ethnic, religious and gender diversity. 
We are determined that our staff and board will authentically represent the communities we serve. 
We work together across boundaries, circumstances, backgrounds and cultures.


Our experienced leadership team is a trusted, collaborative knowledge resource for donors, lawmakers and community non-profits. Together, with our sharp focus, deep commitment and courage to invest in both proven strategies and new, innovative ideas, we can unlock opportunities and amplify the impact of every dollar donated and invested in women, girls and families.

Roslyn Dawson Thompson

Roslyn Dawson Thompson

President & CEO

Dena L. Jackson, PhD

Dena L. Jackson, PhD

Chief Operating Officer



Development & Communications

Ashley Harris

Vice President – Development



Jessica Weidman

Jessica Weidman

Senior Manager – Donor Relations



Kristyn Senters

Kristyn Senters

Senior Director – Communications



Ashley Lindsay

Ashley Lindsay

Associate Vice President – Annual Giving



Kristyn Senters

Natalia Brownfield

Manager - Annual Giving




Lauren Hradecky Blitzer

Lisa de la Garza

Vice President - Programs



Mary Valadez

Mary Valadez

Associate Vice President – Grants



Roselle Tenorio

Coordinator – Grants & Programs

Lauren Hradecky Blitzer

Lauren Hradecky Blitzer

Associate Vice President - Programs



Shonda Barnett

Shonda Barnett

Senior Manager – Grants & Research



Finance & Operations

Dawn Hooper

Dawn Hooper

Vice President – Operations & Finance



Roxanna Obregon

Roxanna Obregon




Soracha Petersen

Soracha Petersen





Caren Lock

Chair, TIAA Financial Services

A. Shonn Brown

Chair-Elect, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Roslyn Dawson Thompson

President & CEO, Texas Women’s Foundation

Executive Committee

Cheryl D. Alston
Theresa Flores
Beverly Goulet
Mary Hatcher

Jane Rose Hurst
Keri Kaiser
Lisa Montgomery
Toni Muñoz-Hunt


Bonner Allen
Phyllis Bernstein
Priya Bhola Rathod
Jennifer Biry
Lael Brodsky
Chrysta Castañeda
Bonnie Clinton
Jennifer Collins
Effie Dennison
Stacey Doré
Sara Garcia Duran
Sam Dwinell

Patsy Fagadau
Hilda Galvan
Janice Harissis
Betsy Healy
Michelle Hudson
Wei Wei Jeang
Margaret Keliher
Sara Madsen Miller
Laura Maxwell
Tracy Merzi
Laura Nieto
Carrie Parsons
Elizabeth Phillips

Diane Reeves
Virginia Rose-Harris
Dianne Saslaw
Jan Sharry
Judy Sherman
Zeenat Sidi
Karen Simon
Thear Suzuki
Charmaine Tang
Rachel Vinson
Linda Wilkins
Shawna Wilson


Linda Wilkins, Board Alumnae Steering Committee Chair

Past Board Presidents & Chairs

Becky Sykes – 1985-1987
Sharon S. King – 1988
Matilda Bright Louree – 1989
Arlene J. Dayton – 1990
Ann Ross  – 1991
Barbara Cottrell – 1992
Gloria O. Chapman – 1993
Laura V. Estrada – 1994
Janet M. Harrison – 1995

Tracy Hopkins – 1996
Brenda F. Brand – 1997
Gina Montague-Hill – 1998
Debbie Branson – 1999
Pat Rosenthal – 2000
Lori Feehan – 2001
Cynthia Reavis Alford – 2002
Retta Miller – 2003
Cecila Stubbs Norwood – 2004
Julie Bleicher – 2005

Cecilia G. Boone – 2006
Robbie Raphael – 2007
Helen Frank – 2008
Mary Beth Bardin – 2009
Trea Yip – 2010
Diana C. Dutton – 2011-2012
Ashlee Hunt Kleinert – 2013-2015
Ellenore Knight Baker – 2015-2017
Caren K. Lock – current

Advisory Council

Kalita Beck Blessing

Retta A. Miller


Kim J. Askew
Lucy Billingsley
Cecilia G. Boone
Garrett Boone
Brenda F. Brand
Debbie Dudley Branson
Molly Byrne
Karen W. Coleman
Serena Connelly
Ka Cotter
Cece Cox
Dodee Frost Crockett
John Dayton
Lauren M. Embrey
Laura V. Estrada
Mrs. Regen Horchow Fearon

Carine M. Feyten, PhD
Florencia Velasco Fortner
Pam Gerber
The Honorable Kathryn W. Hall
Linda W. Hart
Marguerite Steed Hoffman
Trish Houck
Lyria Frank Howland
Margo R. Keyes
Wendy A. Lopez
Sarah M. Losinger
Sharon E. Lyle
Joy S. Mankoff
Ronald Mankoff

Lynn McBee
Wendy Messmann
Anne B. Motsenbocker
Kathleen H. Muldoon
Erle A. Nye
Dianne H. Patterson
Robbie Raphael
Dotti Reeder
Betty S. Regard
Nancy Tartaglino Richards
Lesa B. Roe
Major General Mary L. Saunders USAF (Ret.)
Lisa K. Simmons
Abigail Williams
Katherine Wynne
Trea C. Yip


The Economic Leadership Council is a select peer group of philanthropy leaders and C-level executives from a cross section of industry helping to advance the next level of women executives in their companies, industries and communities.


Laura Maxwell

Thear Suzuki


Colleen Affeldt
Ellenore Baker
Laura Baldwin
Jennifer Biry
Erin Botsford
Shonn Brown
Bonnie Clinton
Summer Collins
Cheyenne Currall
Julie England
Marta Engram

Michelle Frymire
Hilda C. Galvan
Beverly Goulet
Virginia Rose-Harris
Mary Henderson
Hattie Hill
Brenda Jackson
Margaret Jordan
Louise Kee
Melody Lenox
Ann Margolin
Wendy Messmann
Maribess Miller

Retta Miller
Neena Newberry
Carol Nichols
Diane Paddison
Carrie Freeman Parsons
Holly Reed
Janice V. Sharry
Debra von Storch
Ellen Torbert
Janelle Walker
Shawna Wilson


Texas Women’s Foundation (formerly Dallas Women’s Foundation) brings together and stewards funding from a broad network of donors and philanthropic partners, including individuals, corporations and other foundations. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of transparency and accountability to ensure the continuity of 33 years of trust we have built in our relationships with donors, grantees and community partners.