Date: 05/18/2019 9:00am | 05/18/2019 4:00pm

Location: University of North Texas at Dallas

Phone: 214-525-5323

Email: ksenters@txwf.org


Helping girls become strong women is vital to building stronger communities.

This event brings girls, ages 11-16, and their educators and allies, together for a day of empowerment, teaching leadership skills, healthy conflict resolution and more, so these girls can embrace and become their “best selves.”

The workshops, lead by nationally known speaker-educators, builds self-confidence and empowers girls to challenge stereotypes, use their voice, pursue their dreams, mentor one another and help generate positive change for equity in their schools, communities and society.

  • The event is open to North Texas schools and organizations serving young girls
  • Individuals, small and large groups are welcome
  • We require 1-2 chaperones for up to 10 girls attending


All nonprofit organizations and area school districts that are interested in bringing a group a girls ages 11-16 to BestSelf, download and complete this form by April 26th.

For information on how to add your organization to the invite list, contact Kristyn Senters at ksenters@txwf.org.


To find out how you can support this program, contact Ashley Lindsay at alindsay@txwf.org or 214.525.5311.



2019 Workshops

Workshop 1: Living My Best Life

  • Examining Self Esteem/Insecurities: how you think and feel about yourself as a total package
  • Body Image: how you think and feel about your body/media/societal body image pressures
  • Body changes and developments: notion of being “unclean” after starting menstrual cycle

Workshop 2: Be Your Best Advocate 

  • Learning best practices of being your own leader
  • How to advocate for yourself, and issues that are important to you
  • Build A Campaign: Girls pick a focus area and break into groups to talk about the issue and develop solutions and action items they can take to help address the issue.

Workshop 3: Representing Your BestSelf

  • How to represent yourself positively in all environments (including social media)
  • Navigating through social media – etiquette/best practices
  • Safety practices and precautions on all social platform

Workshop 4: Surrounding Yourself with the Best

  • Core functions of a healthy relationship – with friends, parents or partners
  • Identifying toxic/unhealthy relationships
  • How to handle difficult situations/people