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How the Proposed Changes to SNAP Could Impact Thousands in Texas

9/03/2019 In June 2019, $383.4 million in SNAP benefits was distributed in Texas to approximately 1.5 million people – an average of $260 per case.  In the following month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) published a proposed rule that would tighten the requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program […]

Talk about It!

8/08/2019 As promised in our last Army report, today we are talking about sex. Comprehensive sex education that is. In Economic Issues for Women in Texas, Texas Women’s Foundation has continued to focus on four building blocks of economic security: child care, health insurance, education and housing. These findings fuel our programming, community granting and […]

Dallas Believes in Afterschool Care That Supports Working Mothers

7/15/2019 While the spring Army reports were all about happenings at the 86th Texas Legislature, that is not the only place Texas Women’s Foundation works to advance policies and programs for women and girls in Texas. We supported two very exciting wins in Dallas this spring focused on child care and health. This week we […]

86th Legislative Session Results

6/18/2019 Dear Army of Advocates! The 86th Texas Legislature is done, there is no special session and, while not a complete win for the issues Texas Women’s Foundation supported to advance economic security for women, it was a very good session for women, working families and for Texas. I want to highlight a few wins, […]

Texas Budget to Improve Maternal Health

5/01/2019 The Texas Budget, also known as HB1, is in conference where the two budgets approved by the Senate and the House will come together into one appropriations bill that will fund our state for the next two years. There are many great things in the budget, but today we are highlighting one, an exceptional […]

SB 2132 and HB 1641

4/17/2019 We have just over 40 days left in the 140-day 86th Texas Legislative session. You are hearing a lot about property tax and school finance, but there is also movement on issues that are directly focused on women and girls. This week, we are asking that you reach out to members of the Senate […]

It is time to say “THANK YOU!”

4/2/2019 We hope you will join us, and our long-time grantee, TexProtects, in securing thank you notes to several Texas House members who were instrumental in keeping needs of women and children first in the budgeting process. The budget is known as House Bill 1, because it is the only truly required action the Legislature […]

House Bill 744

4/1/2019 HB 744 directs the Health and Human Services Commission to allow a woman on Pregnant Women’s Medicaid to receive Medicaid coverage for 12 months postpartum. By improving the continuity of care for postpartum women, this bill will help reduce instances of maternal death in Texas and improve health outcomes for moms and babies. Investing […]


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